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Instagram blogger @mydayinlosangeles, aka Krystal, added LA Society to her "Friday Favorites" list. Her punchline being "A cool mom's guide to LA", she loves to talk about where to go, what to eat/drink, and where to take her family. Not all superheros wear capes right? 

Krystal's word to the wise:

"Not too sure about you, but I’m ALL about the athleisure trend. It’s basically become the new and improved “momiform.” Well, in my book at least. As a mom, we barely have time as it is. So to have a fully functional outfit that allows us to hit the gym, run some errands, and make it to a play date (whilst looking cute) is everything that you could want. Not to mention it cuts down on laundry. Can I get a hallelujah?!"

Most moms living in LA appreciate the versatility of athleisure. They're a proud community that we love helping as much as we can. 

You can read more on Krystal's blog here: 


PS: To all you bloggers out there who rep our clothes; let us know about your experience and why you love LA so much! We'll be sure to feature you on our next blog post. Send your work to info@lasociety.com

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