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I love my LA Society yoga pants!

There, I’ve said it.

What? You thought my title meant something else, hahaha, didn’t you? LOL. That’s ‘cause u guys know how I always make jokes about what’s in those pants, or bulging jeans comments, etc., and I have my mind in the gutter, potty-mouthing off all the time, but this time the pun may have been intended but my post today is seriously about….pants.

…yeah, it’s true, I’ve been talking to friends and texting them, and now I’m posting it on my social media pages, so here I go, tweeting away today. About pants, and, specifically, my LA Society pants. Got them at LASociety.com

I wear ‘em all the time, everywhere, for far more than yoga: errands, meeting for my latte with my gals (Grande Skinny Vanilla, 1-pump classic — anyway, must have, even if I’m off sugar).

The ones I’ve got on now, even if you readers of my blog can’t see me now (which might be a good thing, because it’s no makeup-and-ponytail time behind my laptop) — I will post pix later though, that’s how much I’m loving these pants — these “Bionic Leggings” pants especially, because of a few important reasons, basically because their designers have thought of a lot of things that someone like me might want.

Plus, actually, I also love them because, even if I got them online, the manufacturer is here in downtown Los Angeles near me (I live in Long Beach, CA) and so I consider that it’s local and US-sourced.

But, back to the #1 reason:

First, these pants are really easy to get on (and off when I'm scrambling to disrobe at night and have no patience), so if often I’m not feeling very flexible in the morning, they stretch, stretch, stretch all through the waistband, and then spring right back into place, which many others don’t. So they act like they’re for us, us — ahem, older — ladies, but make us look like we're perky 20-somethings! 

In these pants I feel great and look pretty snappy (I saw a pair on someone else today so I noticed that they look great on everybody, every size body); they're said to have "moisture-wicking properties" which means to me that they don’t get all sweaty and droopy and yucky, even if they do have natural cotton (which I like except for the aforementioned perspiration problem), like some other brands do: my expen$ive Alo pants get all heavy and waterlogged and misshapen and bunchy at the crotch and knees, not these — my LA Society pants — every pair I own, mind you — never get soggy, they air-dry while I wear them in real-time. Plus I can't explain how, it's just like a feeling if I touch my thigh area when I'm driving, shifting gears in my car, it feels like I'm wearing cashmere pants, they’re so super-comfortable and they’re also lightweight but at the same time aren’t too sheer, so no one can see anything I don’t want to show. Hehe. Even while I stretch and bend or squat or do a downward dog or some of my more unusual usual awkward yoga poses or positions. The opaque-ness is, to me, a BIG DEAL, crucial. They've been tested in sunlight, according to the website, so even outside they're not see-through. 

It’s like they’re trendy and stylish for sure but sort of “modest,” or classic and classy, to match my taste and style exactly.

The material looks great, no matter how often I wash it or abuse it the way I do the wash, and the colors are vibrant not boring — plus they wash well, many times I've squished them in my too-small washing machine, they come out of the dryer staying new-looking, the same always. Real important is that they LOOK BETTER BUT ARE  HALF THE PRICE BUT LOOK THE SAME AS MY LULULEMON PANTS! Yeah, yayy: the style is the same (actually in many ways some cool detail like grommets in the lace-ups, or pewter tips on my other ankle lace ones) which to me makes them even better, more exciting and creative), than like a boring plain Alo or Lulu pant.

I re-read my last sentence back there, which reminded me: LA Society has a style called "The Scuptura" with "derriere shirring" that claims to lift, sculpt and perk up the tush, for "a better butt." Ha! Loving it. To prove that fact, I bought a pair — photos forthcoming…

The bra-tops and crop-tops show off my hard work at getting in shape but doesn’t have me looking like I’m parading around trying to look 25 years old.

And, back when I started wearing them last Spring, I had just gotten back into my workout schedule after a few years of being off, so mostly I kinda didn’t want “attention,” I wanted to not be stared at, wanted to go to the gym and just look like I was there to exercise seriously, not trying to come in full makeup to meet guys or something.

For that reason, too, it’s a terrific brand for my friends who are starting off on a path to better health, like doing Zumba or power-walking, beginning their weight-loss and fitness journey, which actually is a very personal quest to be better and get better and be the best version of yourself, you know what I’m saying?

However, at that phase, I know ladies who just don’t want to stand out too much, like if they’re a size 14 or a double-XXL, so not ready to be a show-off, just wanting to blend in with the class and learn the workout moves.

I do like how I can go a whole day in the clothes, right out from the gym if I don’t want to take the time to shower right then, I can run off, like on a Saturday, and just keep all my active-wear clothing on and meet-up with friends for a latte after, or run errands — their clothes go from my gym to out on the street to visit friends or whatever.

Hey, I’ve even worn my LA Society “Back Lace Hi Waist” rear-view lace-up pants with a top and boots and gone out to eat sushi or to a cooked/sautéed/BBQ’d food dinner, I can actually turn those pants into streetwear for a casual non-business day.

Which is great because don’t we all love those days when you don’t have to wear a business suit and heels, right?

LA Society rocks! Absolutely! All those reasons and more. I could go on, but it’s mostly just that it feels like it’s me, it’s my type of apparel, my “me brand,” too. I like what they stand for, all they do, such as how they donate to charity and help others and are local LA/US-based, like I said.

So hooray to the LA Society team of active people actively making a difference one small step (or one size-small yoga pant) at a time.

Yep, there are a lot of reasons to like this brand, like there are as many reasons as there are women to wear it probably. So I recommend that you definitely go check it out yourself.  

It’s ME that’s what’s in those pants!

Always a-bloggin’ when not out jogging,

~  Lauren LALA 

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