Submitted by Deb Blum • Used with permission 

There is a certain feeling you get when you put on a special piece of clothing that not only looks good, but also just helps make you feel great. The clothes that suddenly let you move through the world in a whole new way. They give you a kind of confidence. Now everything seems clearer and life just flows like a river streaming to the sea. You know your goals — and you don’t have to worry about how you look on the way towards them — because you look great!

Well, that feeling arrived in full force when I donned an amazing mesh jacket from a brand called LA Society recently at their pop-up shop at the Beverly Center smack in mid-town LA, near Beverly Hills & West Hollywood. I tried the jacket on and just felt my arms go “Ahhhh!” I felt like a whole new person and my best self — both at the same time.

Me, I have sensitive skin, and I get bumps on my arms if clothes are too tight or the garment will cause my arms to sweat. But, in this amazing mesh jacket, I felt comfortable, cool, in-style and happy as a clam – plus no bumps in sight.

I could just do anything in this jacket – go to work, to a high-powered pitch meeting, out to lunch or to dinner, to the gym, or to a party! All in this incredible jacket. LA is warm much of the time, but indoor spaces are cool and air-conditioned. You need a sweater or jacket inside. But you don’t want something bulky or too warm or heavy.

So, this jacket is perfect. It’s stylish and looks great with literally everything but is not too big or bulky. You can wear it indoors and out.

I could go on and on...

You should try it yourself.

You can: just find LASociety.com’s store online where their return policy is so chill that if you order an item today you can try it onand return it if it’s not perfect.

I promise, you will never want to take it off!

Just FYI BTW - the mesh quilted jacket is the one I got, in a maroon color with lightweight faux suede quilting overlay.


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