Submitted by Deb Blum • Used with permission 

There is a certain feeling you get when you put on a special piece of clothing that not only looks good, but also just helps make you feel great. The clothes that suddenly let you move through the world in a whole new way. They give you a kind of confidence. Now everything seems clearer and life just flows like a river streaming to the sea. You know your goals — and you don’t have to worry about how you look on the way towards them — because you look great!

Well, that feeling arrived in full force when I donned an amazing mesh jacket from a brand called LA Society recently at their pop-up shop at the Beverly Center smack in mid-town LA, near Beverly Hills & West Hollywood. I tried the jacket on and just felt my arms go “Ahhhh!” I felt like a whole new person and my best self — both at the same time.

Me, I have sensitive skin, and I get bumps on my arms if clothes are too tight or the garment will cause my arms to sweat. But, in this amazing mesh jacket, I felt comfortable, cool, in-style and happy as a clam – plus no bumps in sight.

I could just do anything in this jacket – go to work, to a high-powered pitch meeting, out to lunch or to dinner, to the gym, or to a party! All in this incredible jacket. LA is warm much of the time, but indoor spaces are cool and air-conditioned. You need a sweater or jacket inside. But you don’t want something bulky or too warm or heavy—not to mention a jacket cool enough for outdoors is a huge bonus.

So, this jacket is perfect. It’s stylish and looks great with literally everything but is not too big or bulky. I promise, you will never want to take it off! 

You can find LASociety's store online or shop their instagram!

Just FYI BTW - the mesh quilted jacket is the one I got, in a maroon color with lightweight faux suede quilting overlay. Shown in the picture is the frost green mesh jacket!


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