So we keep saying “We are LA Society.” 

You might say—who cares? 

What we care about is more important to us than our designs or the clothing we manufacture and sell: we care about our approach to caring.

We care about this moment, here, now, this one life we've each been given to live, and to us each living this minute, this "now," fully.

And we believe that It may be helpful to you to hear this now, to take our approach in. Your eyes have reached this note on this page at this moment and maybe the reason you’re here is that these words were written meant to reach out to you, to touch your soul, or to say something to you, and change your life — not a lot, not yet, or perhaps, just a bit, now, a slight shift.

We hope you can take a few minutes, too, to write in and add your voice to our site and to become part of our online (and offline) community.

And to learn to live for now, too, to only control the things that are in your power to control (your words, actions, behavior and thoughts, what you do, how you speak…and, yes, what you wear — how you present yourself).

Live fully in this moment conscious and mindful of what it means to your growth and progress. We do that, all LA Society staffers, subscribers, party attendees — we try to live with joy, not because we think it’s all ending tomorrow, but because the present, as they say, is a present.

A gift. 

And you can do it, too; join us in showing gratitude for all the gifts that life bestows upon each of us, the beauty that’s everywhere and in everyone — it’s actually mind-bogglingly uplifting.

We all are meant to dream, to hope, to strive. So you are doing it your way. We wish that this note reaches in to add a spark of hope, to you, since it’s what keeps you buoyant, afloat, alive.

Alive, alive and kicking — and creative, and inspired. This optimism is how we take each day as it comes, and how you, too, can surf the challenges that bump into you — to keep paddling straight to shore.

So, yeah, we’re LA Society. You’re here, now, with us, too, as part of LA Society. Stay awhile. Stay powerful. Stay hopeful. Because hope and faith and strength feels best.

Always believe in possibilities, and figuring out a new way, and that, no matter what, somehow, miraculously, a new day is always waiting for you, on the horizon. It is, and it will be here real soon.

With each dawn will come fresh new possibilities. And that’s amazing since it happens each day. Every. Single. Day. 

LA Society is from LA, a place of nightly dazzling sunsets and daily sunrises that splash over each rooftop like a tidepool wets the rocks at Zuma Beach. In our city of abundant, warm, glorious sunshine we don’t ever take it for granted; we see it for the blessing it is.

So we’re here, daring ourselves to do it all stronger, louder, better and better daily.

Come with us and dare yourself, too, to be part of our society of change-makers.

We are LA Society.


Realistic, optimistic, dare-ers and dreamers.

Dreams do come true and come to life, in LA, every day.

We’re life-aholics. 

Wide smilers.

Happy now, today, tomorrow and happy in our happily ever-afters.

Born here or been here or gotten here some way or another, we are all free to dream here. And we intend to stay that way.

Come, do join our Society. You’re welcome here. LA Society has a place for you. Glow and grow and evolve along with us.

Feel fit, feel free and feel (and look) fantastic.

Love always,

Team LA Society

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