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We've gotten a lot of inquiries and press. We’re excited that you’re here — and, if you're here at this spot because you're also interested in joining our team of LA Society influencers, we'd love to join forces.

Our mission is to reflect our vision: a unique, modern take on contemporary culture through technically-advanced fabrics forming high-style, high-quality, comfortable, versatile, on-trend fitness gear, activewear and on-the-go apparel suited to the relaxed yet busy Los Angeles lifestyle. 

We’re devoted to further developing relationships and getting more entwined with a tight-knit community of friends who are both global region experts and Angelenos, people who are entrepreneurs, creatives, trend-setters and happy, health-conscious individuals. 

We call these our “local influencers" — so that those of you who live here in LA are to become the ultimate tour guides to insider Los Angeles. You'd enhance, embody and embrace what LA Society means.

And, if you live elsewhere, you can even do it in your city, too.  

LA Society was an iconic brand here for decades, and lately joined forces with an additional creative team to evolve further in order to exemplify what the brand now stands for — and what a progressive athleisure company can strive to become. We aim to bridge the gap between luxury, quality, fashion-forward style...and a great price-point. 

LA Society is set up to be a movement in itself. We want both our internal and external teams to be living phenomenal lives, giving to those who need a boost and all achieving greatness together.

That’s why we’ve been tasked with specially-selecting supportive, active ambassadors to help lead our fit | fashion | flexibility revolution — to take it in to your heart and your home town in your own unique way. 

Here’s what the program entails: 

  • First, DM us on Instagram, to get your personalized Influencer Kit, and kick-start a discussion about what and how you believe in needed change for the future.
  • Next, you'll get your own promo code for your followers. Your Kit will feature several gifts and swag you can put on, show off, feel good in and talk about.
  • Then, you’ll start custom-tailoring your social media approaches. You're welcome to use your personal IG feed, story, website or blog to express yourself and your opinions about your own personal transformation, evolution and revolution — getting creative is part of who you are.
  • Pick out more of your preferred clothes on our website to build a wardrobe out of (OK, first, let's figure out how far away we’ll be shipping ‘em to you).
  • When you receive your new box of fabulous everywear / athleisure apparel, post pix on your feed showing the world how great you look. It's to be the real you; we fit all body types and shapes. We also sponsor a reality vlog series for our influencers. Reach out to us to say if and when you're ready to be featured. 
  • The more viral your reach, the more you can manifest and bring in, because you’ll receive 20% of all sales attributed to your unique promo code. We will also have travel options, TV and local expo appearances and a lot of other ways to showcase your uniqueness, your skills and ideas…as much and as loud as you want to be — or just your own quiet elegance that shines through — to build your band of brand believers.

Sound good? 

So, ASAP — let's do this!

We’d love to see photos, videos and learn more about your thoughts regarding how you move, grow, pose, play, lounge, latte, pilates, brunch, party and do (almost) anything in your LA Society goods. 

Each season’s collection grows too, so there’s more and more to explore.

If you’re interested, ready to get started right away or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, or on Instagram @la.society.  

Let’s get the LA Society movement rolling even faster now — together.


The LA Society Influencer Marketing Team