Taking care of our customers, our employees and our local community is very important to us at LA Society.
That's why each gorgeous product has a matching gorgeous three-month warranty from the date you purchased it:
  • If you're not absolutely in love and super-comfortable with/in your LA Society article, you can return it up to 90 days after receiving it.
  • If your clothing is defective or doesn't fit right, we'll replace it. 

  • If, for whatever reason, your clothes arrive damaged, we'll send a replacement and a free return.
Oh, and by the way: we re-use, re-purpose and/or recycle almost everything in our workspaces and our lives at home and everywhere we roam — and that includes your old clothes so that they can be turned into a new creation.
Got feedback? Cool! Productive feedback helps keep us moving forward and improving constantly — so fire away!