Highly-functionable, flexible, flattering athleisure-wear is what we are about, what we aim to design, and what our community means to define us.


LA Society is a community. A collective, a welcoming clique, a gang of creative fashionistas, adventurers and fitness aficionados who share many passions — one of which is to help others, and to sow the seeds where who we shine a light on can do, and be, their best. 


One clothing mission is to curate activewear for the lifestyle of now. Modern apparel that can instill feeling good and share good feelings, that will manifest confidence and enhance performance, most especially when you need it on your personal path to betterment. 


Yet, you may be surprised to hear that we wish for ourselves and our peers to spend less on acquiring or hoarding things or getting confused by too many clothing options — and more on what's important: time, and having time for love and memorable experiences. This is how we stand out, with high-quality clothes obtained for a low price, which is a parallel unlike any seen before.


We also try to be guides to bring you the untold secrets of Los Angeles as of now and from back then. We show you what is worn by whom and what would be ideal for you. We’ll bring you the latest, most outrageously original reads and daring, to-be-talked-about content. We are crazy about crazy LA foods, unique spots to travel to, concert ideas, and, of course, some amazing beach spots. 


LA is our home, and its culture influences the way we live and breathe (cough, cough, cough on smoggy days); how and why we innovate, move, stay fit, thrive. We live the LA life no matter where we are.


So, come join our Society. Why not share our secrets?